15 Minutes with... Phoebe

20/06/2017 4:49:39 PM |

After high school, Canberran Phoebe deferred her Education degree and moved to Sydney to undertake the Plunge young adult discipleship program at Morling College, which included a mission exposure trip where she was captivated by South East Asia. After the trip, she returned to Canberra, switched to Asia Pacific Studies and started Global Interaction’s i68 internship.

In uni I did an exchange semester in the city where Global Interaction team members Dave and Caz live. A few weeks after arriving, I caught a motorbike to the office of the Education Foundation they head up and introduced myself. I mentioned that as part of my uni exchange I was required to volunteer for 200 hours, and they offered to take me on!

I was part of their morning devotions, contributed to their marketing and events, and taught some English classes. I loved getting to know the local staff and practicing the language. When I hit the inevitable low points, the ever welcoming Global Interaction team was there to remind me of God’s love not just for me but for the whole world.

What sparked your interest in mission?
Dad used to sing us a song about ‘being a missionary every day’ and he always taught us that showing people Jesus was the best thing we could do!

Describe how your trip was challenging?
When I was overseas, I would only ever get a hint of someone’s story. Language and time barriers prevented me from sitting down and getting the full story. However, one friend and I chatted about topics within my word-bank; food, study and clothes. I later found out that through her relationship with the Global Interaction team, she gave her life to Jesus. I couldn't stop smiling for a week!

What are you enjoying about the i68 internship?
It has brought like-minded people together. Though we are called to different parts of the world, we get to encourage each other. We also get close contact with cross-cultural workers – seeing them with their kids, in their homes and in their work. When I was little I thought only certain types of people could do mission but I've seen that the only common denominator is responding to God’s call and being ready to learn!

Even though I was always interested in mission, I didn't have the motivation to go to a Bible College and dedicate my whole future to it. However, doing i68 and seeing how people’s lives are changed when they come to faith makes me so keen to go back! So I guess the ‘taste’ has changed my perspective! I know God has a good and perfect plan for my life, and I have an inkling it's going to include returning to Asia.

To find out about the Plunge young adult discipleship program check out www.plungegapyear.com. To talk more about the i68 mission internship in NSW and ACT, contact the team on 02 9868 9250.

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