Created to be Creative

19/12/2018 12:36:32 PM | Sue Tanner

“In the beginning God created the heavens  and the earth.” GENESIS 1:1

Right from the beginning of time, God demonstrates His creativity. In an extraordinary act, He creates the heavens and the earth. Do you know anyone else who can include that in their resumé? The first chapter of the Bible describes God speaking each element of creation into being. "Let there be light", He said. "And there was!" ...Land, plants, sun, moon, stars and creatures of all kinds.

“…In the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.” GENESIS 1:27

We are the only part of creation that has been created in the likeness of God. Not only the ‘talented’ ones, but all of us have been created in the image of a creative God. This aspect of God’s nature in us is evident in children. Children love to express themselves creatively, and this is strongly encouraged. Abstract, splattered painted artworks have proudly adorned family fridges for generations and when at school, children are encouraged to write stories and create worlds form their imagination. However, as children grow, creative expressions become likened to childish behaviour, and only the ‘talented’ are encouraged to continue to create. 

Are we forgetting that creativity is part of who we are and how we’re made? Maybe we are putting creativity in a box. When we hear the word, our definition often starts and ends with the arts. Expressions of creativity that reflect the senses, visual arts (sight), music (sound) and dance/movement (sensory). Creativity is much more than this and we can all access it.

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”  ALBERT EINSTEIN

We are the most intelligent of all of God’s creation and creativity begins in our intellect. Our thoughts and imaginations, our ability to find solutions to complex problems and to see different possibilities… these are all expressions of creativity.  

People across all times and cultures have creatively expressed thoughts, ideas and stories through everything from dance, paintings and music, to inventions, technology and literature. If creativity is an innate part of how God made us, and part of all cultures, then it must mean something for our faith communities.

“… Go and make disciples of all nations…” MATTHEW 28:19

It is easy to become complacent about what it looks like to gather as believers. We may even think that the way we do ‘church’ is the right way and expect anyone who walks through the door to understand and feel comfortable with our rituals. 

However, notice that the Bible does not spell out exactly how, but just tells us to.... Go, make disciples, baptise them and teach them (Matthew 28:19-20). Maybe God’s design is for us to think creatively about how we fulfil this command within our context. 

In Acts 2:42-47, we read that the early church devoted themselves to the Word, fellowshipped together, witnessed signs and wonders, cared for each other and praised God. We are not told what time to hold the morning service or whether to have a two or three song bracket before the twenty minute sermon. However, we are told a simple list of characterises that form the foundations of a thriving church.  

In each community, whether local or global, the ‘church’ should look different. Our challenge is to not fall into the same old comfortable patterns, but to seek the local people of peace, respond to the needs of the community and to creatively look for ways, new ways, to connect with people and share the message of Jesus. 
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