Grow [Session 1]

16/05/2019 11:52:38 AM | Lisa West-Newman

I confess that I am an avid people watcher – I find the incredible diversity of people intriguing. However, it is the similarities between parents and children that I find most delightful. Beyond the “you’ve got your grandmother’s nose” kind of similarities, I love seeing how a young woman and her mother will dress similarly, or a young boy’s haircut will match his father’s. And even more than that, how families will express themselves in the same way or develop the same mannerisms. Whether it is conscious or unconscious, we model ourselves on those we look up to (or at least, spend the most time with). 
In the same way, through being a follower of Jesus and spending lots of time with Him, we will naturally become more like Him. And, in a world desperate for Jesus, that is a beautiful thing.

Watch: Episode 1 – Grow Your Heart www.globalinteraction.org.au/GrowSow
  • What was it that opened Mae Ran’s heart to Jesus?
  • In what ways has Mae Ran grown since becoming a follower of Jesus?
  • What difficulties does Mae Ran face that make life challenging? How may this impact her growth?
  • Mae Ran now wants all people to know God. What is it that she wants them to know about God?
Luke 6:17-49
Read through the teachings of Jesus found in Luke 6:17-49. As you read, consider what these words might also mean to Mae Ran.

In these verses:
  • Jesus teaches His disciples that the poor, hungry, miserable and insulted are blessed, while woe is coming to the rich, well-fed, happy and respected.
  • Enemies are to be loved as they themselves would like to be loved, doing good to them and even lending to them without expectation of repayment.
  • Instead of judging others, we must learn to forgive and walk humbly ourselves.
  • A life that is being changed by Jesus will produce good fruit (i.e. a student will become like the teacher, if they listen to the teachings of Jesus and put them into practice).
  • In what ways have you seen Jesus grow and change you? Or what kind of person would you be if you had never met Jesus?
  • How do your actions and attitudes impact the people around you who don’t know Jesus?
  • As you read through the teachings, what stood out to you as something that God may want you to continue to grow in?
  • Take the verse (or verses) that have challenged you, write it down and keep it in a prominent place this week, asking God to help you to live as He desires.
  • Commit to one act that you will do this week as a result of this study (e.g. change your life goal from seeking happiness to being obedient; show kindness to someone you find hard to love; call yourself out when you are judging others; commit to reading the Word).
  • Pray for Mae Ran, that her life and testimony would resonate throughout her village and beyond. Pray also that God would continue to shape and grow her heart.
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