John 4 - The Power of Testimony [Session 5]

11/05/2017 10:30:48 AM |

Read: John 4:4-42

When the disciples return they are stunned to see Jesus in conversation with the woman. Think about the cultural situation they are in - the barriers between the Jews and the Samaritans were already complicated enough by their long history, let alone the barrier between Jesus, a man, and this Samaritan, a woman, conversing so openly.  The conversation was so life-giving for this woman that she went back to her village and told the people about it, forgetting all about the reason she had gone to the well in the first place. With this interaction the Samaritan woman now becomes a missionary herself. She goes and tells the village of the Good News that comes through knowing God.

This is a stark transformation from when she first met Jesus. The disciples are so shocked that their teacher is happily talking with this woman that they quickly focus on the food they’ve just bought. Yet Jesus turns their attention away from the food to the mission that they are on. The food may well be physically sustaining for a short period but it is the long-term food, the mission of God, that is of greater importance.

Jesus, the Living Water, is all-satisfying to all peoples, including those who may seem of least importance or of complete difference to us. Jesus turns the understanding of the disciples to the conversation with the Samaritan woman, showing them that this is the way of Jesus. In following Him the mission of God is for all, it is a new way of seeing the world and crosses cultural barriers, with transformation open to all individuals and ethnicities. 

Think About It

  •  Do you find the reaction of the disciples surprising considering they’ve been following Jesus for a little while already? What about the reaction of the Samaritan woman post-conversation with Jesus? How or why?  
  • With such urgency the woman goes back to her village and tells them about this person Jesus. Was there a time you had similar urgency in your faith? What do you think you could do to foster that now?  
  • The mission of God becomes surprising and unexpected to the disciples. Jesus explains that things are different on His watch. What baggage would they need to let go of to approach this mission in a new way?  
  • How are you invited into this story? How are you invited into God’s mission through the principles of this passage? 

Live It

  •  What do you sense God calling you to in terms of His mission to the world? Is it time to take a first step at talk to someone about it?  
  • Spend time with God this week, reading his Word and praying, asking Him to increase your urgency in letting others know about this all-satisfying living water.  
  • Consider a short-term Global Xposure team, would this be something you would like to be part of? Contact your Global Interaction State Office for more information and how to make this a reality.  
  • Is there a particular mission endeavour you can get involved in with your church? Take the next step in joining in with your church family in pursuing God’s mission in your local community.
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