John 4 - The Transformational Encounter [Session 4]

11/05/2017 10:37:15 AM |

Read: John 4:4-42

It seems that relationship after relationship has broken down in the Samaritan woman’s life and her social status has been diminished. We don’t know the precise details of why these things happen but considering the honour and shame-focused culture she lived in, it is likely that her opportunity for stability, income, housing, security and social standing was obliterated after each divorce. She was socially ostracised. She resorts to collecting water, alone, in the heat of the day.  Jesus knows all this about her and begins to reveal His true nature to her. He tells her that He is indeed the living water, the hope and satisfaction in life that she is seeking.

In revealing His knowledge of her life, He shows Himself to be at least a prophet but more than that, He openly admits His divinity as the expected Christ.  Despite his knowledge of who she is Jesus still offers her living water. He still seeks her and wants her to know that she is not too-far gone for God. God in Christ has not given up. He loves her still and calls her to a transformed life in Him.

​Think About It

  • Do you consider yourself to be too-far gone for God? If you do, this is not true. Jesus is seeking you and calling you to Himself. Can you imagine Jesus sitting there with you as you drink a cup of water, calling you to His all-satisfying living water?
  • As a believer, do you ever feel ostracised? How do you deal with situations where you are not being respected or understood because of your beliefs?
  • When you’ve been struggling with your faith and relationship with Jesus what do you do? Are you aware that Christ is actually right beside you, not giving up on you? 

​Live It

  • No one is too-far gone from God. Are there people you can think of who have lost hope? Is it time to talk with them and encourage them in their life with Jesus?  
  • Pray to God, laying down your own struggles, needs and wants, and taste and see that the Lord is good! Drink from His living water. Pray for others who seem to be struggling too.  
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