John 4 - The Barrier Crossing God [Session 1]

11/05/2017 11:30:07 AM |

Read: John 4:4-42

On a hot summer’s day Jesus arrived at the famous well. Here Jacob, revered in all of Israel, had made this well with his hands. Over the centuries this well had quenched the thirst of generations of people and their animals, tired and thirsty from their work and travels. Jesus comes to this well ready to speak with a foreigner who was all alone.  Just as Jesus entered the area beyond which His fellow Jews were willing to go, so too God entered the world as a babe - crossing from the divine to the human in order to make a way for us to know God. Known as the incarnation, Jesus enters our world and understands fully what it is to be human. As His humanness interacts with our humanity, Jesus knows what we go through, the highs and lows, enabling us to encounter Him where we’re at. 


Think About It

  • Is the reality of Jesus entering our world something you find hard to grasp? In what ways?
  • In the past year, what has helped you encounter Jesus as you go about following Him?   
  • What strikes you when contemplating Jesus entering foreign places in order to encounter others?  

Live It

  • Have coffee or a meal with a friend in a suburb you’d rarely, if ever, go to. Observe what’s happening around you. What rises within as you go to this place and see what’s happening? How might God be reaching this area of your city or town? Take a friend and chat about it.   
  • Call your Global Interaction State team to tee up a date and time for an Xpose Day for a small group of people from your church. Xpose days enable crosscultural interactions in your city and allow people to open up their eyes to what is around them.
  • Learn about people groups from the Global Interaction Guide or website. Think about what it would take to enter into their world.    
  • Pray about the openness of your heart to connecting with others in different regions and cultural areas of your city.  
  • Download the Ekteino App – for the next four weeks take the challenge to discover more about God, His plans and how we can partner with Him in our world through intentional action and reflection.
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