John 4 - Living Water [Session 3]

11/05/2017 10:50:05 AM |

Read: John 4:4-42

Jesus hints that there is a life-nourishing gift that can only come from God and it comes through Jesus. It is living water. In the Middle East the expression ‘living water’ was a description of water that was not stagnant from the likes of a cistern, pool, pond or well. Living water had a replenishing source like a river, spring or stream. It was moving, refreshing – it was living and life-giving. God has water like this on offer and it comes through Jesus.

​The Samaritan wants this water. Jesus has given her hope in even the suggestion of it. Considering her life situation as one who is outcast from her society, it is not surprising that with this glimmer of hope she begins to hope that her life can be refreshed and renewed. What great news for this woman as that living water, that refreshing hope, is standing right in front of her!​

Think About It

  • Do you know this living water yourself? Do you experience this refreshment regularly or are you still searching for it? 
  • In what ways are you refreshed by your knowledge and relationship with Jesus?  
  • We see that the Samaritan woman is seeking satisfaction in life but finding it in all the wrong places. How do you see Jesus satisfy your life and the life of others?  
  • This gift of water is for all people, not just this woman. How do you go about sharing this gift of living water with others?

Live It

  • Talk to someone in your church about how they came to know Jesus.  
  • Spend some time with Jesus, seeking and praying for refreshment.  
  • If you don’t believe you are satisfied, if you believe you are still seeking this living water, why not talk to a trusted Christian friend or pastor about it?  
  • Is it time to share this living water with someone else? Consider your friends who don’t have the satisfying knowledge and relationship with Jesus and think about an appropriate way to introduce them to it.  
  • Would you consider praying about sharing this living water in a cross-cultural context? Talk with your Global Interaction State Team to take the next step.
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