John 4 - Jesus, The Gift for all Cultures [Session 2]

11/05/2017 11:15:55 AM |

Read: John 4:4-42

As Jesus and the Samaritan woman came together we see a collision of cultures. Perhaps it draws a parallel to how Christ’s coming into the world brought heavenly and earthly realms together. Here, Jesus breaks barriers of racial tension, gender norms, ritual cleanliness and religious difference. These cultural distinctions would normally create a distance between Jesus and the Samaritan woman. With ease Jesus breaks this down through conversation - the building of a relationship. This relationship is of such a level that Jesus is even willing to share and drink from her water container.


Think About It

  • ​Isn’t it interesting that even asking for the simplest of things, a cup of water in this instance, can be difficult to overcome with cultural barriers? In what ways do you find yourself at odds with the culture around you?
  • Notice how Jesus takes the initiative in asking for water, yet the end result is for the Samaritan woman’s benefit. With relationships you’re involved in, what initiative do you need to take in order for people to become more aware of Jesus?
  • In what area is Jesus asking you to take initiative in order to follow Him? ​

Live It

  • In the next week, approach a situation where there may be barriers from the perspective of the other person. In what ways can you initiate change through understanding the other perspective?  
  • Spend a couple of hours in a shopping centre, train station or public space watching how people from different cultures interact. What can you learn?
  • Reflect on a relationship that might have broken down due to a communication misunderstanding. Were differing cultures at play? What can you learn from this experience?
  • Go and meet someone from a different culture to you. Talk to them about where they grew up and the expectations upon them. Learn from them!
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