Sow [Session 3]

16/05/2019 11:29:36 AM | Lisa West-Newman

“We come in peace!” These are the words of a tall grey alien descending from its UFO. It raises its three-fingered hand to the growing crowd of terrified onlookers in a gesture of peace. Incredibly, it can already speak the local language.

Despite our cringe response to the example of Christian crusaders, colonialists and current day social media warriors… Jesus did instruct His disciples to go out. He told them to express a greeting of peace to prepare the way for His arrival in each village and town. This traditional Jewish greeting, “Shalom”, means more than an absence of war. Rather, it is a blessing for deep wholeness or completeness within that overflows outwards to others.

Watch: Episode 3 – Sow Where He Calls www.globalinteraction.org.au/GrowSow

  • What are the similarities between the two faiths mentioned that provide a bridge for developing relationships?
  • In this context, the perception of Christianity is tied to the perception of western society and it's overwhelmingly negative – we are seen as godless, boozing, promiscuous infidels. How is this work of Global Interaction communicating the Gospel more effectively in this potentially hostile environment?
Luke 10:1-24 
Read the story of the sending out of the 72 disciples, two by two.

In these verses:
  • The disciples were sent in twos into towns where people were either ripe to hear about Jesus or ready to tear them apart.
  • With a greeting of “peace” they were to find a house where their greeting would be accepted and provide a place where they could heal and share about the Kingdom.
  • The rejection of the disciples by the town was equal to rejecting Jesus and would result in judgement that deeply grieved Jesus.
  • These unnamed disciples were faithful nobodies whom God delighted to minister through, rather than the wise and learned.
  • What evidence of wholistic ministry do you see in this passage (i.e. meeting physical and spiritual needs)?
  • The disciples were instructed not to get distracted along the road. Are there relationships that are distracting you from reaching the people of peace? And, are there potentially hostile people whom you avoid, but God may be preparing?
  • What does it mean for you to be sent out two by two as peacebearers into your town? What can you learn from this in light of last week’s efforts to share Jesus with someone?
  • As a peace-bearer, be on the look-out for the person of peace who may work alongside you, be waiting for the same bus, or someone you have been friends with for years. Ask for God’s courage and wisdom for words that speak life.
  • Consider how you can be more connected with your local community in a way that demonstrates the Kingdom and builds relationships… and find a friend to sign up with! (Tip: find something you both enjoy as that will make all the difference.)
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