COVID-19 Update
11/03/2020 4:11:34 PM |

As an organisation with cross-cultural teams all over the world, it is crucial we closely monitor global or local situations that could impact the health, wellbeing or safety of our people. This is the case for Coronavirus (COVID-19) which the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared as a Public Health Emergency of international concern in late January. While China has been at the forefront of the outbreak, the virus is spreading around the globe and the infection rate has now exceeded 100,000 cases. WHO has also raised the risk assessment for the COVID-19 outbreak to ‘very high’, which is their highest level. 

The health of our people both internationally and within Australia is a high priority for Global Interaction. The organisation’s leadership team are in daily dialogue, keeping abreast of information from reliable resources and acting to protect the health and safety of our teams as appropriate for each location.

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