An Intercultural Worker

Your answers to these questions could change your life!
  • Do you believe that God’s greatest gift is a life-transforming relationship with Jesus?
  • Do you find it alarming that approximately four out of every ten people in the world today will live their life without the opportunity to hear about Jesus in a way that makes sense to them?
  • Are you actively engaged in Jesus’ call to make disciples?
  • Are you open to loving and living among people from another culture?
  • Are you enthused by working in a team towards a common goal?
  • Do you commit for the long-haul?
  • Are you open to the call of Christ?
If your answer is YES to these questions then intercultural service with Global Interaction may be for you.

What is An INTERCultural Worker?

A Global Interaction Intercultural Worker is a passionate follower of Jesus Christ who is committed to a life that is grounded in prayer and the Word of God whose call and gifts for this work are commended by their church and endorsed by Global Interaction who lives and works as part of a team that is working together towards empowering a community of people with little or no understanding of the good news of Jesus to receive God’s gift of a life-transforming relationship with Jesus and develop their own distinctive ways of following him.


What are the Qualities of a Global Interaction interCultural Worker?

  • A faithful follower of Jesus whose conduct of life and relationships give authentic witness to Jesus Christ and who invites others into the journey of discipleship.
  • Lives a contextually appropriate and engaging lifestyle
  • Is intentionally gaining cultural awareness and understanding, and proficiency in the local language
  • Is innovative and creative in nurturing the emergence of a genuine expression of faith and discipleship
  • Is honourable and trustworthy in relationships whether they be with team members or local people.
  • Is a team player committed to the life, ministry and strategy of their team
    enjoying both the support of their team and accountability to the team.
  • Is committed to a missiological approach that is not ultimately dependent solely on them or other outsiders to the community for its long-term sustainability.
  • Possesses or is working toward possessing qualifications and experience appropriate for their ministry.
  • Has completed theological training to an agreed standard

Why Long-Term?

Enabling a community movement to Jesus is a long-term work built on patient faithfulness and significant relationships between Global Interaction Team Members and the local community. The Team builds relationships and undertakes activities and work in the community that invites and empowers that community to embrace the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Such transformation touches the whole of life and is generated by a movement of Jesus from within their own cultural setting.

It takes time to begin to understand how a community and its culture functions.  Fluency in their local language is essential to truly communicate at a heartfelt level.
Such work requires a long-term commitment; therefore the ideal period of service for a long-term intercultural worker is upwards of seven years.  The first term of three years has a primary focus on understanding culture and learning language.  An intercultural worker will then typically have a six-month period of Home Assignment that includes an extended holiday, training, and developing their team of prayer and financial supporters.  Having established a good foundation in culture and language, expanded their learning, and being refreshed and well supported, they then return to intercultural service in their adopted community.


How do you become a interCultural Worker with Global Interaction?

Good preparation is critical for effective and sustainable intercultural ministry. Global Interaction is committed to providing relevant, practical and thoughtful learning and development opportunities throughout a intercultural workers candidacy, on-field ministry and home assignment.  Have a look at your pathway to intercultural service.   

What is Partnership Support?

  • All intercultural workers draw together a partnership support team of pray-ers and financial supporters. The team will comprise individuals and churches who commit themselves to contributing to the sustaining of an intercultural worker’s ministry through prayer and the contribution of funds.
  • Whilst Global Interaction underwrites the ministry expenses and living allowances of its intercultural workers, it is entirely dependent on the donations of churches and faithful givers to do so. Therefore in order to ensure that ministry will not be cut short because of funding shortfalls, all intercultural workers are assisted in gathering a group who will commit to supporting Global Interaction in funding their ministry.
  • The intercultural worker keeps their partnership support team informed through regular newsletters and communication and there is the opportunity to catch up with them in person when returning to Australia during periods of home assignment.

What is the next step?

Pick up the phone or fill in the express interest form to get into contact with your Global Interaction State Director.  They will be able to help you.

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