Jit and Jan work alongside churches in Western Thailand to build relationships with local communities and encourage believers. Jit and Jan’s Lanternlight Ministries responds to the needs of people with disabilities. Through this work they are touching many lives and sharing Jesus’ love.
Jit is currently part of a team seeking to share the Gospel with the people of a remote village. This community is now considering the truth and claims  of Jesus. Jit and Jan also teach in the local Bible school and support the ministries of the Kwai River Christian Hospital, United Christian School, Hostel and Gethsemane Bible School. Jit and Jan are passionate about sharing God’s love with those they meet and encouraging followers of Jesus.
“We have much to thank God for. We thank Him for you and for your continued interest, prayer and financial support for us and our ministry. The Lanternlight team in Thailand have continued the work with people with disabilities while coping with the challenges of the pandemic. COVID has kept us in Australia, however, we look forward to returning to Thailand in 2021.”   — Jan, team member

The Team