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Sally's Story

Sally first visited Mozambique on a Global Xposure trip in 2012. It was there that a desire grew to be involved in God’s work among the Yawo people. She has a heart to see the Yawo people experience the love and power of Jesus in ways that make sense to their culture. After preparation, study and training Sally joined the team in Mozambique in early 2017.

Initially her focus is developing language and cultural competency through dedicated lessons with a local langauge nurturer, whom she is building a good friendship with. Sally also looks for opportunities to connect Yawo women through day to day life and being involved in community events.

As her frienships and language skills grow, Sally is looking forward to having deep conversations and sharing the message of Jesus with her friends.

Donations to this cross-cultural worker are NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE

Prayer Points

  • For strength and understanding as she studies.
  • For a strong partnership team to support her as she serves overseas.
  • For God to prepare the hearts of the Yawo people to receive His love as the team shares the Gospel.

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Team - Sally's New House MZwh703

Target $31,000  (Not Tax Deductible)

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Team - Team Retreat (March 2020) YWwh305

Target $8,800  (Not Tax Deductible)

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Team - School Repairs: Luelele (Mozambique) MZwh604

Target $3,025  (Tax Deductible)

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Team - School Repairs: Lussanga (Mozambique) MZwh605

Target $2,860  (Tax Deductible)

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