Excellent preparation is critical for effective and sustainable intercultural ministry.

Global Interaction is committed to providing relevant, practical and thoughtful learning and development opportunities throughout an intercultural worker's candidacy, on-field ministry and home assignment.


We recognise that Candidates come to Global Interaction with differing faith journeys, understanding of call and life experience. The aim of the learning process is to provide a clear, yet flexible, plan to prepare for life and ministry as an intercultural worker. Candidates prepare through three primary avenues; Theological education, Global Interaction courses (a mix of live-in and online) and a Personal Learning Plan.


Once on the field, it is important that the learning and development of Intercultural and Support Workers continues. Workers who are willing to adopt a learning posture in their new culture and ministry will be more effective over a long period of time. Learning and development on location is predominately made up of culture and language learning, team retreats, specific courses within the team or region and Personal Learning Plans. The opportunity to do further study to equip intercultural workers for their ministry is also a possibility.


Home Assignment

While on home assignment, Intercultural and Support Workers take part in refresher Global Interaction courses and retreats, while also having the opportunity to engage in development that will assist in their on-field ministry and role.

Your learning and development will focus on three key learning areas: 1. Ministry Effectiveness 2. Personal and Spiritual Formation 3. Global Interaction Understanding