Dear friends, 

I love Alice’s story. It speaks powerfully of how God is at work in communities where the Gospel is yet to take root and how God is using Global Interaction cross-cultural workers in these places to make a Kingdom difference.

As you read about Alice’s life-transforming story, be encouraged by how your partnership with Global Interaction is changing lives. And in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, your financial and prayerful support is keeping our called, sent workers on the ground, empowering people like Alice to make their mark for Jesus.

Alice grew up in a Muslim home in one of the largest and least reached Muslim ethnic groups in the world.  Widowed after a few years of marriage, she was left to raise two young boys. She made one of her first contacts with a follower of Jesus when she sought help for a sick child from one of our team members, who was a neighbour and a nurse.

She met another of our team after a miraculous healing, following an accident. Despite so many barriers, Alice heard more about Jesus in a way that made sense to her and she began following him secretly.

Fast forward and Alice connected with Global Interaction cross-cultural workers Dave and Caz when she wanted to be baptised. Caz saw that Alice had potential to be trained as a language nurturer and she became the first employee of the Education Foundation Dave and Caz were establishing.

That was ten years ago and look at where she is today.

Alice has now graduated from university. She is an experienced and popular language nurturer and she loves to study the Bible. God is using her to help family members, colleagues and friends come to know Jesus, including people with no known believers in their own local communities. Cross-cultural workers from other mission organisations now come to Alice to study language and culture and be mentored in how to share with Muslim people.

What a wonderful story of the power of God changing lives!

What a wonderful story of God placing Global Interaction cross-cultural workers in the path of seekers! Your partnership is enabling teams of faithful workers to journey with seekers, like Alice, towards Jesus. Thank you!

This year – more than ever – we need our partners to help keep our workers on the ground and support others to get back to their teams as soon as they can travel.

Please join me in praying for the health and safety of our cross-cultural workers around the globe. Please prayerfully consider how you can financially invest in our Kingdom vision so more people like Alice can experience the life change that only Jesus can bring!
With eyes of faith, I see how God has so much more for us to do together.

Thank you for your partnership.

Scott Pilgrim
Executive Director

P.S. Alice’s story is far from finished and she asks us to pray that her parents and sons may come to know Jesus.

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