How long will it take for someone to choose to follow Jesus? How will God use His people to share the Gospel near and far?How much will it cost to see 1, 2, 100, 5000 people in least-reached communities follow Jesus in their own distinctive ways? 

How amazing would it be if we could work out that equation! Maybe if x equals the number of years, y equals the number of dollars and z equals the number of ‘God moments’… then perhaps:

(X + Y) x Z = 1 person comes to faith!!

It’s tempting to try and find an equation, to try to create controllable and consistent boxes to tick. However, as tempting as it is, I think we all know that to do this leads not to the transformation of communities but the limiting of God and His extraordinary plan of redemption. 

We don’t know exactly how God will move, how long it will take or how much it will cost to see communities empowered to develop their own distinctive ways of following Jesus… but we do know it will take God, time and resources.


  • It will take God moving, stirring, prompting and drawing people to Himself
  • It will take people faithfully partnering in prayer


  • It will take cross-cultural workers committing to journeying with seekers in least-reached communities
  • It will take people committing to partner with these workers long-term 


  • It will take money for teams to live and serve among least-reached communities
  • It will take people willing to be generous with the gifts God has given them

Thank you for the way you are already sowing into this Kingdom building ministry. It can’t happen without the partnership of people like you.

No, we don’t have an exact equation… but we know that God is in this and He is calling us to partner with Him. He is using our teams all across the world to spread His life-transforming Good News among least-reached communities. 

You are part of the equation too. Will you give a gift today to sow into this ministry? 
yes, i will give today