Planning for the next generation

Why have a Will?

While the thought of making a Will may be unpleasant, it is one of the most important documents that you can draw up. Many people worry that it could be a complicated exercise when in fact it is easier than you might imagine.

Having a valid Will is the only way you can be sure that your family and friends will be provided for according to your wishes. Unfortunately many Australians die without a valid Will and their estates are distributed according to government legislation which may not be as they had intended.

The total value of your assets may surprise you; giving you the opportunity to do more than you think is possible through planning your estate.

Putting your Family first

At Global Interaction, we understand the importance of family, friends and community.  We all have a God given responsibility to love and care for those closest to us and we believe that when it comes to writing your Will, it is only right that your family and friends come first.

As well as providing for friends and family it is also possible to leave a bequest in your will that enables you to minister beyond your lifetime.

Bequests made to Global Interaction are precious to us. Without them, much of what we do would not be possible and we remain grateful for every bequest that has been left to us over the years.

Each gift we receive from our supporters makes a huge difference to our work, but gifts left in Wills are particularly significant. They allow us to plan for the future and work in the knowledge that we can do more. We know that every bequest represents the heart of someone who cared enough during their lifetime to continue to minister beyond it. 

Why Global Interaction?

Global Interaction is the international intercultural sending agency of Australian Baptist churches. We facilitate the service of Australian Baptists in Christ's global mission, and for over 130 years have sent people to tell others about Jesus.
Our passion is to see:
The gift of Jesus embraced by people around the world. With deep compassion and cultural sensitivity, we exist to empower communities to develop their own distinctive ways of following Jesus.
Our vision is to see:
  • Growing, vibrant faith communities among nine least-reached people groups in Africa and Asia.
  • Australian Baptists engaged in intercultural mission through prayer, giving, understanding and going.

Leaving a gift in your Will to Global Interaction will further our vision and bring us closer to seeing Jesus’ name known among every nation, tribe and tongue.

Preparing your Will

Making your Will doesn’t need to be complicated. We’ve prepared an easy to follow chart that will guide you through the process of planning your Will.

Leaving a Bequest to Global Interaction

If you would like to include Global Interaction in your Will, there are three different types of gifts that you can leave.
  • An Unrestricted Gift to Global Interaction is the most favourable form of bequest as it allows us to use your donation in the areas of most need.
  • A Designated Gift is when you specify how you would like Global Interaction to use your contribution.  We will make every effort to respect your wishes, however in the event that its original purpose becomes inappropriate as situations change over the years, a provision in your Will permitting Global Interaction to redirect the funds is most useful.
  • A Residuary Gift provides for Global Interaction to receive whatever is left of your estate after specific bequests have been fulfilled.
Click here to see examples of how you can word your selection that may be helpful to you and/or your solicitor.

A gift of hope and faith in Jesus

Please let us know if you are considering leaving a gift to us in your Will. If you’ve already made provision for a bequest to Global Interaction we would love the opportunity to say thank you.

Having prior knowledge of a Bequest also allows us to plan confidently for our future ministries.

Of course, you can change your mind at any time, but just knowing will help us plan for the future with confidence.

If you have any questions about leaving a bequest or would like an informal chat about your Will in confidence, please contact your State Director.