“If you are going to follow Jesus, there are going to be challenges.”

This is what long-term cross-cultural worker Morris told Amin, a South Asian man, six years ago. Amin had  begun working at Global Interaction’s partner NGO and was choosing to join the daily staff Bible study. The discussions were all new to him and he wanted to explore more.

Morris’ statement was correct. For Amin, in his context, there would be big challenges if he chose to follow Jesus, and road-blocks before he could even consider it.
But this is no surprise is it? Following Jesus always comes with challenges, and Amin is part of a least-reached people group! Within these communities, there are so few followers of Jesus that there are added barriers for people to overcome in order to accept and live out the Gospel.

We must be a little bit crazy (or boldly confident in God’s call and power), because these are the communities Global Interaction’s ministry focus on. Will you give a gift today to enable our teams to go to these far-from-easy places to share the Good News?

While it’s no surprise that the road to following Jesus was not easy for Amin, it is also not surprising that God made a way. God placed him there, in contact with our team and local believers, in an environment where it is safe to explore Jesus and with people who are living out their faith in Jesus in ways that are born out of their own culture.

It is so exciting to share with you that in these challenging places, God is making ways for people like Amin to explore who Jesus is and choose to follow Him. Yes, despite the challenges, Amin recently chose to follow Jesus. When he spoke to Morris about his decision, Amin reminded Morris of the conversation they had all those years ago, telling him that it was indeed worth it.

Will you consider giving a special gift today? Your gift is sowing into life-transforming ministry.

Thank you for your vital partnership.
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