Dear friends, 

“Why did Jesus have to die?” Pam*, an Ethnic Thai woman asked Carolyn. Carolyn and her husband Dema are intercultural workers in Thailand. I want to share how your faithful prayers and support are enabling Ethnic Thai people to hear the Good News.
This conversation started through an everyday moment. Which you made possible.

Thinking about this story reminded me when Jesus fed thousands with only five loaves and two fish. The humble young boy offered what he had, and Jesus multiplied it to great effect. Jesus is using your faithful giving and prayers to introduce people to Himself.

The boy had an everyday meal. Pam's story starts with everyday moments. Which introduced people and communities to Jesus. Everyday moments which are possible because of your love for Jesus.

Your gift make these moments possible.

Pam is an Ethnic Thai woman. Only 1% of Thai people know Jesus. But she met Him. Because Carolyn decided to dance! An everyday moment. An everyday decision which led to an encounter with Jesus.
Jesus used your faithful gifts and prayers to place Carolyn and Dema in Thailand. This is the same way Jesus used the boy’s offering to feed 5,000 people. Jesus uses your gifts so well. Carolyn wanted to get to know the women in her community. So she joined a group of them who exercised through dance. 
As she got to know them, she started to spend time helping her dancing friends in their gardens. She picked fruit and vegetables with them. All this time she was praying that Jesus would bring her friends who wanted to know about Jesus. 

And Jesus answered Carolyn’s prayer. As He answers your prayers for intercultural workers to have moments like this.

Carolyn started to spend more time with Pam. And one day she told Pam what she had been praying for. Pam told Carolyn, “It gave me goosebumps all over to hear that.” As they picked fruit together, Carolyn and Pam spoke more. And Pam wanted to know more. So they started to read the Bible together. 

And soon Pam was asking questions like “Why did Jesus have to die?” If God hadn’t used your gifts and prayers to place Carolyn and Dema there, who would Pam have asked that question to? None of her friends or family know Jesus.

But thanks to Australians like you, Carolyn was there. And she answered the question in a way which made sense to Pam. She told Pam Jesus loved her. And one day after reading the Bible together, Carolyn asked Pam if she would like to pray.

Can you imagine how nervous Carolyn was when she asked this? What would the response be? But Pam said yes! And as Pam prayed she made it clear she had understood about Jesus. She used the Thai word for ‘child of God’. Praise God!

Moments like these are only possible through God’s Spirit creating them. He takes our loaves and fishes and multiplies them into moments like these. In the same way the faithful boy gave Jesus his meal, will you make a love offering? 

Will you pray with us that this is just the start of Pam's story? That a movement will flow out of these moments? Your gifts and prayers will help turn moments into movements. 

Thank you for helping people hear about Jesus,

Grace and Peace,
Scott Pilgrim Executive Director

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*For the protection of local believers and Global Interaction's ongoing ministry, Pam is not her real name.