Prayer and Praise

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David and Eliza are settling back into life in the Silk Road Area following their Home Assignment. They have loved reconnecting with their K friends as well as interacting with neighbours they hadn’t previously met. This is particularly occurring through the building of the workshop that David will use as a base for the Agricultural Innovation project. This project will respond to the practical needs of local farmers while also opening opportunities for David to build friendships with K men. Two local brothers are building the workshop with David and during this process, he and Eliza are developing good relationships with them. David and Eliza were also thrilled that their presence at the workshop prompted a neighbour to pop in and borrow some tools. He thanked David with some welding rods and has regularly dropped in for a chat since.      
For Prayer:
  • That people will be drawn in to the workshop and that as trusting friendships develop, David will have opportunities to share stories of Jesus
  • For a movement of God’s Spirit to stir in their hearts of the team’s K friends and neighbours, prompting conversations about Jesus  


Morris has recently returned from time with the team and our partner NGO in South Asia.  While there, he had the opportunity to meet with B believers to study the Bible and discuss stories of Jesus. Morris was particularly excited to meet a B man who came to faith three decades ago through connection with the Global Interaction team. Over the past 30 years, this man has remained steadfast in his faith, shared with his family and discipled his son. For many B believers, having the opportunity to ask faith questions of people from the same background is a key factor in their journey to faith in Jesus.
For Prayer:
  • That even in this challenging environment, God is making ways for people to explore the message of Jesus
  • For B believers to be wise as they seek to share their faith in Jesus with trusted people  


A tragic situation unfolded in Yuendumu, an Aboriginal community where Global Interaction works, on Saturday. A young Aboriginal man was fatally shot by police, leaving the family and wider community shocked and devastated. Following contact with family members and church leaders, Mat and Shannon decided that it would be appropriate for Mat to spend time in the community. Over the past days, he has sat with elders and others as they process their grief. 
For Prayer:
  • That God will give Mat wisdom as he walks with people through this tragic, tense and emotional time 
  • For Mat’s presence to demonstrate his and Shannon’s desire to journey with people through all seasons of life    


Cam and Kath are looking towards their return to Mozambique as they near the planned conclusion of their Home Assignment. They have loved their time in Perth and the opportunities they have had to connect with partners. They have been encouraged, humbled and inspired as individuals and church communities have shared how they faithfully pray for the family and their ministry among the Yawo. While they have appreciated their time in Australia, they are also excited to be heading back ‘home’ to the mountains, maize and mud, and of course people, of Mozambique.  In order to begin their third term in January as planned, Cam and Kath need to return with full support. 
For Prayer:
  • That individuals and churches will commit to financially partner with Cam and Kath so they can return to Mozambique at the start of 2020
  • For God to be preparing them spiritually, emotionally and physically for their next three years of ministry among the Yawo
  • That as they share stories of God at work among the Yawo, God will use their words to grow hearts for the least-reached