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Prayer and Praise

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It is a particularly difficult season for B people as they face the challenges of the virus, the impacts of the floods, food shortages and associated high prices. A medical journal has also reported that COVID-19 has severely impacted the basic livelihood of many B people. The Country Director and CFO of our partner NGO are visiting projects in regional areas to support, encourage and provide training. The intercultural workers who are normally in South Asia are, for the present, living in Australia and working diligently to build relationships online with B friends and local NGO colleagues.
For Prayer:
  • Praise God that technology allows the team to stay unified and supported whilst in different locations
  • That there would be no further spreading of the virus, and for protection and healing for all the B staff members and friends
  • Pray that conditions in South Asia will quickly improve especially for the poorer families and that our partner NGO would be able to expand its influence
  • More Australian Baptists to respond to the call to serve the B people and share the Gospel in a wholistic way


Tim and Melanie continue to serve in Malawi and are witnessing God at work among those they are journeying with. Although the virus has not spread in Malawi in the way many feared there are still some restrictions. Schools are closed and, as a result, Tim and Melanie have organised tutoring for local teenagers. They continue to run a youth group with teenagers they have known since they were toddlers and celebrate how these young people are inspired to make a difference in the world. Tim and the faith community leaders met together for a camp which focused on 'visioning' for the coming year. There is currently a local festival occuring which includes dances with traditional masks to ward off evil spirits.
For Prayer:
  • That God will guide the faith community leaders and believers as they seek to grow in faith and support each other as Yawo followers of Jesus
  • For opportunities during the festival to share the power of the Holy Spirit and that the Yawo can have ongoing peace in their lives through Jesus
  • For wisdom for Tim and Melanie as they navigate policy, politics, planning and ministry over next few months and prepare for their Home Assignment in early 2021


Sally continues to connect with churches and supporters in WA to share her stories from Mozambique. She is prayerfully hoping to return to Mozambique in the coming months. There is a lengthy process to leave Australia and she requires a new resident visa. Last week Sally had a call from one of her Yawo friends and she enjoyed hearing the updates on how she and her family were going. The phone was passed around the whole family including three of the children! It was a real joy to have the opportunity to connect, however, Sally knows that nothing beats face-to-face conversations.
For Prayer:
  • Praise God for the support and encouragement Sally has received during her time in Australia, preparing her for another term serving the Yawo
  • For the Holy Spirit to be preparing the hearts of Sally’s friends so that when she returns their conversations would deepen and they would be open to hear and respond to the Good News
  • For favour in Mozambique as the team research ways for Sally to enter the country as her resident visa has expired


Global Interaction State Teams serve the local church by empowering them to partner with global mission. They have been working hard to help churches with mission strategies, journey with people who are exploring a call to intercultural ministry and champion the work of our teams sharing the Gospel around the world. In the midst of COVID-19, they seek innovative ways to engage with mission minded churches, adults and young people with what God is doing through Global Interaction’s ministry.
For Prayer:
  • Thank God for our State Teams and their passion to journey with Australian Baptists as they explore their part in God’s mission
  • For wisdom for the teams as they walk with candidates and support intercultural workers on Home Assignment
  • For the Spirit’s leading in the discernment process for those exploring a call to intercultural ministry


We give thanks for Val Bricknell’s faithful life of service. Val recently passed away at age 83. Along with her husband Keith, Val served in Papua New Guinea from 1960 – 1972. They had the joy of returning to Tekin, their PNG ministry location, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Australian Baptist workers serving in the area.

We have been made aware that over the past 12 months we have not included the passing of some former Global Interaction intercultural workers in Hotline. Please join with us in honouring the lives of Annette Gillman, who served in East Pakistan and passed away in late 2019, Don Warren who served in Papua New Guinea and passed away in April 2020 and Warren Brown who served in Papua New Guinea and passed away in May 2020.   

We thank God for the faithful men and women who have gone before us and left their mark on this ministry.