Prayer and Praise

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As we all deal with the radical and unexpected changes that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to our lives in Australia, our cross-cultural teams across the world are also in the midst of it. In most of the contexts where our cross-cultural teams serve, the healthcare systems lack resources and most people live without the financial safety nets. For the many people who live day-to-day, staying at home to stop the spread of the virus will leave them in an even more precarious situation.

With the exception of a small number of workers who have returned to Australia, our teams are remaining on the ground in the places God has called them to serve. They remain committed to sharing the hope of Jesus, and offering practical support, as they are able to during this time.
For Prayer:
  • Thankfulness for the courage and conviction of our cross-cultural teams as they continue to serve among the communities God has called them to
  • That God will slow the spread of COVID-19 and ensure those who need medical care receive it
  • For God to give our teams wisdom as they respond to their communities’ needs and seek to share the hope of Jesus during this time
  • For God to protect the health and wellbeing of our cross-cultural workers


Church communities across Australia are adapting to the new environment we all find ourselves in due to the COVID-19. With no face-to-face services, small groups in homes or playgroups we are gratefully reminded that these practices are not the ‘church’. We thank God that church communities can still connect, share and build each other up during this time through technology. We also praise God that He is not self-isolating… He is with us in the mess and midst of this uncertain time. Part of Global Interaction’s vision is building up the Australian church in its own mission contexts. May Mission Month resources are being adapted in response to the current environment and we are praying that they speak to churches as they engage with what mission and church looks like in this new context.
For Prayer:
  • That churches will be creative and innovative as they use technology to remain connected with their congregations
  • For churches to consider new ways to reach out to their communities and demonstrate Jesus’ love during this time
  • For the May Mission Month resources being developed for this new environment to build up Australian churches and grow their hearts for local and global mission
  • For this unique period to open doors for the Gospel to be shared in new and effective ways


Daz and Bee are witnessing God open doors during this time and they are sensing that God has placed them in South East Asia for such as time as this. The family remaining in South East Asia is a witness to their local friends who are fearful of what the coming months will bring. They share, “Whilst there is an immense sense of uncertainty in our world, we cling to the One who is our Rock. He is steadfast and sure, and we are certain that He is using this current situation to change hearts and bring glory to His name. We are excited to see how God is going to move during this crisis and count it a real privilege that He has asked us to partner with Him in this mission here in South East Asia.”
For Prayer:
  • Thankfulness for God’s sovereignty over all things and that we can put our trust in Him
  • For God to open opportunities for Daz and Bee to share Jesus’ love through their actions and words
  • That Daz and Bee’s local friends will be increasingly open to engage with stories of Jesus, and that Daz and Bee will have the culture and language competency they need for these conversations


Sally was due to return to Australia for Home Assignment later this year, however, made the decision to come back earlier and is now safely in WA. As she looks back at the past three years in Mozambique, she is so grateful for the encouragement, generosity and faithful prayers of her partners. She sees this as the manifestation of a beautiful definition of church - a community of caring people living out God’s call together. Sally is looking forward to connecting with partnering churches and sharing her stories online over the coming months. The team back in the Malawi and Mozambique are bracing for the full impact of the virus and working with local officials to educate and resource communities in preparation.
For Prayer:
  • Thankfulness for the faithful partners who are journeying with Sally as she follows God’s leading
  • For Sally’s conversations with supporters and partnering churches to be fruitful and mutually encouraging
  • For God’s leading as the team in Malawi and Mozambique determine how to responsibly, compassionately and helpfully engage with the Yawo community through this period