Prayer and Praise

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Late last year, Jean-Claude and Joyce were praying with some new believers when a Yawo woman, Mariam, came to join them. She shared with the group that Jesus appeared to her while she was praying at the mosque. She continued by saying that she believes Jesus is greater than Muhammad. Later that week she came to Jean-Claude and Joyce’s house and shared that the previous night Jesus had appeared again to her and said that He had sent Jean-Claude and Joyce to serve Him in Malawi and encouraged her to spend time with them to hear more about Him. After Jean-Claude heard this he asked Mariam, “Who does she believe Jesus is?”, she replied that she believes Jesus is the Son of God.
For Prayer:
  • Thankfulness for Jesus’ presence and activity in Mariam’s life and her openness to receive Him
  • For Mariam’s testimony to speak powerfully to others in her community
  • That Jean-Claude and Joyce will continue to develop the wisdom, cultural understanding and language skills to disciple new believers


Pat and Joy recently had the opportunity to prepare and share a Bible story with their language nurturer in the local language. This was both a stretching and encouraging experience. They thank God for the way He is preparing their hearts to share the Gospel and are praying that He will also be preparing the hearts of those they will share it with. Along with Daz and Bee, Pat and Joy have been encouraged by the positive interactions they are having with the local staff and customers. Some local staff have recently been unwell which has given the team the opportunity support them and show their genuine care through visiting them in their homes.
For Prayer:
  • Thankfulness for the relationships Pat and Joy are developing with local people
  • For God to be placing Pat and Joy in the lives of people of peace who are open to exploring who Jesus is
  • That the group of supporters who are visiting next month will be inspired, impacted and in awe of what God is doing through the ministry in South East Asia


Ben and Petra are nearing the end of their Home Assignment in Australia. Before they return to the Silk Road Area, Ben is needing to have a small operation which has pushed back their travel date by six weeks. This is bittersweet for them as they are simultaneously grateful for the opportunity to spend extra time with their family and very keen to get back to their life on the Silk Road. One unexpected positive of the family remaining in Australia a little longer is that Petra can attend a course focused on the early detection of Cerebral Palsy. This is very relevant to the work she begun with children with disabilities during their first term. Early diagnosis enables significantly increased development outcomes, however, most of the children Petra worked with received a later diagnosis.
For Prayer:
  • That Ben and Petra’s final weeks in Australia will be enriching, refreshing and full of quality time with their family
  • For God to be preparing them spiritually, emotionally and physically for their next years of cross-cultural work among the K people
  • That Ben’s operation and recovery will be smooth
  • For Petra to have wisdom as she attends the course and considers the best way to use her Occupational Therapy skills in ministry


Next month Glenn and Liz will return to Australia for their Home Assignment following their first term in Thailand. As they reflect on their first three years as cross-cultural workers they praise God for the way he provided for them and held them through the challenges. They are also incredibly thankful for the individuals and churches who faithfully prayed for them and their ministry. After three years of culture and language learning, they are encouraged to be at a point where they can share stories of Jesus with their neighbours and friends. At times this felt impossible, and although they are still learning, they are so grateful that nothing is impossible for God.
For Prayer:
  • Thankfulness that the details of their Home Assignment are coming together with the provision of a place to stay and car to drive
  • For the family to know God’s peace and presence as they prepare for their time in Australia
  • That Glenn and Liz will say goodbye to their Ethnic Thai friends in a way that affirms and builds relationship