Just Prayer 13 - 15 November 2020

Join Australian Baptists for a weekend of intentional prayer for people of all nations to hear the message of Jesus in a way that makes sense to them.

We believe
  • God’s heart is for His Kingdom to be filled with people of every nation, tribe and tongue [Revelation  7:9]
  • He is at work in people’s hearts, even those who do not know Him, and He invites us to partner with what He is already doing [Isaiah 65:1] 
  • As people saved by His grace, He has called us to share the life-saving Good News of Jesus with all nations... near and far [Romans 10:13-15]
  • God loves to hear our prayers and listens when we call on His name [1 John 5:14]
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Gather with your youth group, small group, in your church service or with a bunch of friends. Whether it’s for the whole weekend, or just a few minutes, join our nation in active, focused prayer.

Click 'count me in' to let us know you are joining us. Creative materials are provided here for you to use for your weekend of prayer.