Prayer Needs

God hears our prayers! Thank you for praying for the least-reached and Global Interaction's ministry among the least-reached. 

Below are pdfs for each of the least-reached people groups our teams serve among.* These documents offer information about the people group, how Global Interaction's team lives among them, key prayer needs and team member's names. There are also stories of hope highlighting how God is at work and using our teams to grow His Kingdom among these people groups. Be encouraged! 

Key Areas of Prayer for Just Prayer 2020
We invite you to also pray with us for these key areas (expanded in the pdf below):

  • Communities where there are very few followers of Jesus
  • Emerging faith communities among the least-reached

*While not considered least-reached, Outback Australia has also been included here. 

Prayer needs

Key Areas of Prayer for Just Prayer 2020Prayer Needs - All People Groups Prayer Needs - Malawi and Mozambique (Yawo)Prayer Needs - Silk Road Area (K people)Prayer Needs - Central Asia (H people)Prayer Needs - South Asia (B people)Prayer Needs - Thailand (Ethnic Thai)Prayer Needs - Cambodia (Khmer)Prayer Needs - IndochinaPrayer Needs - South East Asia (B.I and S.I people)Prayer Needs - Outback Australia