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Ministry Story

Growing Authentic Relationships - Pete and Nomes,
Central Asia

It is our hearts desire that all people, and in particularly our H friends, their families and the wider H community, would come to experience wonderful new life... READ MORE >>


Prayer and Praise Points

Wed 28 April - Wed 12 May

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28 W - Papua New Guinea Praise God for the continuation of His church in Papua New Guinea over so many decades. Give thanks for the faithful believers who are reaching out and discipling others.    

29 T - Papua New Guinea As the COVID outbreak continues, pray for transmission to significantly slow and that the fragile health system will not be overwhelmed.   

30 F - Zambia and Zimbabwe Pray for believers to be equipped to lead, preach and disciple, and for young people to be raised up to pastor the next generation.  

1 S - May Mission Month Praise God for the active partnership of Australian churches and pray for their own local mission to be fruitful and life giving. 

2 S - May Mission Month Pray for God to speak through May Mission Month resources, prompting people as they discern how God is calling them to partner in His mission. 

3 M - May Mission Month Pray for more people and churches to commit to long-term partnership with our intercultural teams through prayer, giving and advocating.  

4 T - South East Asia Pat and Joy are currently in Australia, awaiting the right time to return to South East Asia. Pray that when it is the right time, they will receive the visas they need without complication.

5 W - South East Asia As Pat and Joy remain connected with local friends in South East Asia, pray that God’s Spirit will open opportunities for rich conversations of faith that build trust.

6 T - Silk Road Area Give thanks for K believer Anna’s testimony of faithfulness and courage which is strengthening other local believers. Pray for God’s leading for these emerging groups. 

7 F - Silk Road Area Pray for David and Eliza as they journey practically and emotionally with their neighbour ‘Happy Flower’ who has just given birth and is experiencing ongoing health issues. 

8 S - Mozambique Recently a door has opened up for Sally to regularly visit a Yawo family to pray and share stories from the Bible, something they weren’t previously receptive to. Pray for God to open the eyes of this family to His truth.  

9 S - Mozambique As Ramadan continues, Sally writes, “Please pray over this month, that we will get to see God’s power among our friends here.”

10 M - Thailand Give thanks that despite Jit and Jan currently being in Australia, the life-changing work with people with disabilities continues through the LanternLight team.

11 T - Central Asia Praise God that Pete and Nomes’ friendships with H people are deepening. Give thanks for the recent conversation about Jesus that Pete had with an H friend, Mike. Pray for ongoing opportunities for faith conversations.

12 W - Central Asia Pete and Nomes write, “Please uplift our friends and teammates R and B who have been trying to get here since before the COVID pandemic began. Pray that, despite all the current obstacles, God would miraculously open the door for their return.”

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