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14/02/19 - Thank you for your generous support! This project is currently fully supported and the team is working on the website and app. Please continue to pray for this project. Thank you again for your partnership! 
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With the publication of a new translation of the Bible in South Asia, there is a great opportunity to gain a wide distribution of this new version in a language that is used by more than 200 million people, not only in South Asia but spread across the world.

Security concerns are very real for any B person that has a printed Bible. The only way they can have one is by hiding it due to their safety and that of their families. Currently a website and an app are being developed to help enable access to the Word of God in a safer way through technology. With this technology, a far greater distribution of the Word of God is possible than just through the printed copies of the Bible. The potential use of this website for teaching and Scripture study resources is extremely exciting. The team has raised sufficient funds and continue to pursue the most effective means for creating this website and app.

Gifts to this project are NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

Supporting this project sees the Word of God easily and safely accessible to millions of B people in South Asia and around the world!

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