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Our team in Thailand has focused work in a rural area that does not  have any suitable schooling for children of our cross-cultural workers. Home-schooling is the only viable option for families who faithfully join the rural cluster. This is a known and thoroughly considered element for our families before they go; however, there is still a need.

We are currently planning for 2020 when Luke and Belle and their two children will need home-school teaching support to assist with their Australian Distance Education program. This project is endorsed by the whole team to assist a self-funded volunteer with basic expenses in Thailand. Home-schooling requires significant time and energy and by financially assisting a volunteer to go, or even going yourself, you are releasing Luke and Belle to focus on their ministry.

If you know anyone that might be interested in being a volunteer home-school teacher, please contact your local state office.

Gifts to this project are NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE

Your support helps mobilise a volunteer to teach Luke and Belle’s children, covering basic expenses and releasing Luke and Belle to better balance ministry and family needs.

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