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Luke and Belle, and their family, are moving to a village in rural Northern Thailand as a new ministry focus area. There was one home available for rent in this village, Ban Palao, and it requires renovations to enable them to move to this new ministry location in late September 2019!
The location of this house along the main road will facilitate the growing of relationships with people in Ban Palao. 
The wooden house has been vacant for 17 years and is mainly an upstairs living area. Aside from dealing with some termite damage and installing screens, there will be minimal work upstairs. The heat during the day means building a space downstairs is necessary, especially as the children will be home-schooled. 
They are looking to implement the following:
  • A front gate to keep the children safe within the yard
  • A kitchen (there isn’t one)
  • Water tank and pump so that there is running water to the house
  • Plumbing and electrical fittings
  • Complete a room to be used for ministry purposes
They hope to use their upstairs for their own personal home space to look after their family and the downstairs as an open area for ministry and friendship. They will be running some English classes and some programs for families such as playgroup that incorporates music, as well as just having the space for visitors to feel welcome. 
The aim is to have the bedrooms and bathroom repaired to enable them to move in by mid-September 2019. They will then work on the downstairs and the proper kitchen and ministry space to have the house finished by the end of the year.
Please consider supporting this project to enable Luke, Belle and their family to have a home and ministry location in Ban Palao village as they look to build significant relationships and share the Good News of Christ in new location.

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