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Muana and Villy have three girls, Yindii, Zoe and Libi. Yindii is in year 7 (starting year 8 in August) and Zoe is in year 5 (starting year 6 in August) at the nearby International School in Chiang Mai. Libi is starting school this year.

Yindii excels in sports like soccer and basketball, and Zoe thrives on being a part of the school's drama productions. The education and nurturing they receive at the international school provide a good foundation for their future. 

The family's education costs in 2016 include regular tuition fees. Having the opportunity to attend a great school close to home is fantastic, not only for Yindii and Zoe, but for Muana and Villy too as it gives them the time and energy to be involved in their ministries among the community and leading the Global Interaction Ethnic Thai team.

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Your support of this project helps Yindii and Zoe have a good education while their family lives and serves God in Thailand.

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