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The Silk Road Area team is looking to develop new platforms which will  further establish them as a legitimate presence in the community. This project is a new pilot project that comes alongside the agricultural industry in their rural town to work towards providing practical solutions and future training.

David has identified a need in the region – a service business for the growing orchard industry. The region’s agricultural industry has significant growth potential but the agricultural machinery industry is underdeveloped and the majority of machinery is currently at the end of its lifecycle, without means for repairing it or purchasing more.

Through this project, David plans to establish a workshop, build several machinery prototypes for use on orchards to test the market and in this process, look for any locals interested in working alongside him over the period of the project to train and upskill them.
Unlike other Silk Road Area projects, gifts to this project are NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

Please consider joining David and Eliza in this exciting pilot project as they do life among the K people and seek to provide practical solutions for local needs in a growing agricultural sector. 

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