Project Code: CLlm106
FUNDRAISING TARGET: $6,050 (Not Tax Deductible)
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Lyn is supporting the teams in Central Asia and Outback Australia by facilitating their culture and language programs (CAL). With her years of experiences as a cross-cultural worker on a few of our different fields and in different capacities, Lyn is bringing rich experience and knowledge on the importance of CAL and the personal understanding of how difficult it is to learn another culture and language. This project is to cover the costs of Lyn’s travel and expenses incurred while on these visits.

Lyn will be making one visit per year to each location to encourage the team as well as help the team get the most from the CAL programs in use by the organisation. Without strong language capacity and cultural understanding, it is difficult for our team members to have meaningful conversations and build deep, trusting relationships. People need to hear about Christ in their own heart language (because that is where it is more meaningful to them) and in a way that is relevant to their own setting to allow them to develop their own distinctive way of following Jesus. Therefore, to maximise the input of our teams in the various locations, we need to encourage team members to grow in their participation of their new host world and life through cultural understanding and language proficiency.

Gifts to this project are NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE.