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There is significant opportunity to expand our current work among First Nations believers and churches in Outback Australia. At the moment, Mat and Shannon are the only Global Interaction workers who live on community, with Team Leader Vivian based in NSW and supporting Shannon and Mat through regular contact and visits. 

Global Interaction partners with Indigenous people, particularly among the communities of Kalkaringi, Lajumanu (northern cluster), Ali Curung, Willowra and Yuendumu (southern cluster). With 700 kms on very remote roads between Yuendumu and Kalkaringi, more workers are needed to meaningfully and sustainably journey with all the communities. 

Mat and Shannon and based in Yuendumu with their four young children. We praise God that they are currently fully supported by a faithful partnership team. 

Global Interaction is actively seeking new workers to join the team and new opportunities for partnership with Indigenous faith communities. Gifts recieved for this project are an investment into future workers and ministry opportunities among First Nations people.   

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