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We are excited that Geoff Cramb will be assisting the Baptist Union of Papua New Guinea (BUPNG) in developing its policy and practice for ordination of Baptist pastors in PNG. BUPNG currently has no policy or process for ordination as no ministers have been ordained for many years. However, they have recently recognised that there are some senior pastors that should be ordained and they are seeking assistance in how to best do this now and for future PNG church leaders as well.

Global Interaction and Australian Baptist Ministries are partnering together to help BUPNG develop an appropriate ordination policy and process and are grateful to Geoff Cramb for taking up the invitation to assist BUPNG in this process. Geoff not only has built significant relationships and established trust with BUPNG but he also has professional experience in developing policy and practice for the ordination processes.

The Director of Ministries BUPNG has setup an excellent steering group to begin the research process and after some time conducting the groundwork, they will come together in a central location in PNG and Geoff will work with the BUPNG national leaders in gathering written resources, facilitating consideration, conducting discussions and framing questions for leaders to consider in their deliberations. It will of course include hearing local perspectives as the team frames a culturally appropriate outcome based on Biblical understanding and contextual awareness.

Costs for this project will cover flights, visas, accommodation and on-the-ground expenses such as transport.

We would be grateful if you would pray for wisdom for all involved in this process and if you would consider supporting this important step being taken by BUPNG.

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