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Sunday morning worship gathering at Tabubil Baptist Church, where the Ok Tedi mine is located, filled with people. Young people are so enthusiastic to be there and if people are not early they stand outside because the 450 seats are occupied. A further 500 seat building is under construction and that congregation gathers under a very large tent fly (or “sail” as locals call it).

‚ÄčThese local churches are part of the Min Union which is made up of 10 associations and in these associations are 168 local Churches. BUPNG has two Ministry Co-ordinators in the Min Baptist Union (which includes Tabubil). These leaders liaise with pastors and churches to encourage and organise in-servicing for pastors. As the unions take on more and more financial responsibility, the BUPNG will phase over responsibility locally. This is one example where your contribution assists in a transition to local capacity building and sustainability.

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Project Code: PGbu505

We need your help to support the development and equipping of pastors and leaders in PNG. This is a huge but worthwhile task. This project is in partnership with the Baptist Union of PNG (BUPNG) to support key leaders within BUPNG to be able to carrying out core ministry functions and equip local Baptist churches around the country. There are over 60,000 Baptists in more than 400 local congregations. BUPNG’s vision is to transform the lives of people in PNG in their relationships with God, one another and their environment.

To do this, there is a team of people we seek to support financially to ensure their ability to continue this important ministry. We have a commitment with BUPNG until 2020.  

This project requires $31,460 per year:

  •  Ministry Coordinators $4,400 annually This position supports 5 Ministry Coordinators who assist local Baptist churches within BUPNG to thrive and engage in wholistic ministry. They assist in strategic leadership, equipping pastors and discipling believers.
  • Coordinator of Overseas Mission $5,500 annually This position partners with and supports PNG nationals in taking the Good News beyond PNG to those who are least-reached.  
  • Coordinator of Ministry Training $17,248 annually This position is involved in training a team of PNG Baptists, over five years, to be equipped to travel and offer ministry training and support in local villages and towns as well as through a centralised college. 
  • Director of Ministry $4,312 annually Ensuring this position is funded strengthens the heart of ministry within BUPNG by supporting a key leader who is responsible for providing vision and ministry strategy for BUPNG and subsequently Baptist churches  around PNG.

Gifts to this project are NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE.‚Äč

Your support of this project will enable and empower these leaders to carry out and develop their nation-wide ministries in towns and remote villages, helping strengthen and grow faith communities throughout PNG. 

Important Note

Each project item is a small part of a larger program of community transformation. The values listed are an estimate of how much each item costs within the broader program. If your selected project item is already fully funded when your gift arrives, we will allocate your gift to items that fulfill a similar purpose. All care is taken to ensure project and gift information on this website is accurate and up to date. However, project information may change without notice. If you wish to discuss your project choice, call the Project Coordinator (03) 9819 4944 or email