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The Education Foundation currently has branches in three different provinces, operating out of seven separate sites that offer humanitarian, developmental and training programs to local people in need from low-socio-economic backgrounds. This stage two project is focussed on purchasing a site for the main Education Foundation office.

Our team serves in this foundation to improve the standard of living for people in need. It also offers them a meaningful avenue to build authentic relationships with staff and students.

Training is focused on upgrading vocational skills in areas such as language acquisition and teaching, and practical life skills such as health care for the elderly, budgeting of income, and computer training. There are also environmental care programs and reading programs. These programs enable individuals and families to holistically improve their standard of living, benefiting their entire communities. The team is taking new opportunities to become more involved in local communities as the Education Foundation becomes known and trusted. 
Your support will enable the Education Foundation to purchase a site for its main office and to continue to expand its programs. The main office site will be used to run training programs, to train local staff, and to manage the other locations in which the foundation now operates. 

The purchase of the main office site will eliminate annual rental and allow for further development and renovation. This will enhance the financial sustainability and institutional capacity of the foundation. Rental of other sites will enable training programs to operate in those sites.

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