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1/11/19 - We are excited to share that the team are on track to conclude the translation of all books of the Bible by April 2020! This past May they commenced the fourth and final phase of the Bible translation. In addition to the translation process this year, they have devoted a significant amount of time on orthography and grammar of Ciyawo to ensure accuracy and that the team is producing the best translation possible.

From April 2020 they will be extending the project until the end of 2020 to include the critical final checking components of a thorough Bible Translation. They will look to do final proof-reads, a cross-checking all references for the translation of each book of the Bible (Old and New Testament!) and do a final type-set in preparation for publication. From there, the team will assess the best means for publication and distribution of the Ciyawo Bible. Please keep an eye out for these details!

As you plan for 2020, we would appreciate your continued prayer and financial partnership for this project as they work steadfastly to complete Phase 4. They are currently working through Jeremiah and Ecclesiastes for the remainder of the year.
Thank you for joining us prayer and practical support to see the Word of God become available to the Yawo of Malawi in a way that is vernacularly accurate and understandable for them. We are so excited to continue updating you on the progress of this project.
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The Malawi team continues to partner with contacts from key organisations and local Yawo people to revise a Bible translation for the Yawo of Malawi. The aim is to ensure there is a Ciyawo translation of the Bible that holds firm to the Word of God and is written using language and terminology the rural Yawo of Malawi can understand. The team is reviewing Bible passages and have so far completed 50 books, meaning they have finished phase three of the project! In May 2019 they commence phase four of the project and are looking to revise the final 16 books.

This project is a long-term one with a dedicated team. It is scheduled to run until mid-2020 to ensure the whole translation has been reviewed and updated so that the Word of God is accessible to the Yawo of Malawi. It is a significant and incredibly exciting task. We thank you so much for your partnership so far. Please note, costs may change due to exchange rate fluctuations.

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Your ongoing partnership with this project assists the team in translating the Bible into vernacular that is understandable to the majority of Yawo people in Malawi. This an important part of Yawo communities being able to hear and read the Word of God in their heart language.

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