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Jonno and Heather, and their family, have been serving among the Yawo for over 17 years. Malaria is a common and yet often debilitating illness that is prevalent in many countries, including Malawi, and yet can be prevented in many cases. Each year over the first 15 years, various members of the family have had malaria and as time went on, they were finding that their immune systems were less able to fight malaria effectively and their overall health was suffering.

There are numerous malaria prophylaxis medications available, many that this family have used, but none have been regularly effective. When they returned to Malawi in 2018, they decided to trial the most effective known malaria prophylaxis available, Malarone. The cost is high but with your support they have been able to purchase their full supply each year without any concerns. They recently have also been able to reduce the cost by sourcing it more locally, which has been a big bonus!
The best part - since they have been taking Malarone, no one in their family has gotten malaria! This has made such a positive impact on their health and ability to live and be in Malawi, serving among the Yawo and for Jonno to remain healthy as he leads the Yawo team. 
This project simply covers the cost of Malarone. Approximately $3,600 per year or $300 per month (the price may fluctuate depending on the value of the Australian Dollar).
Thank you for partnering with Jonno and Heather, covering the costs of this medication which continues to be a proven, worthwhile investment and enables them to remain serving among the Yawo for the long-term!
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