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19/06/19 – Thank you for your generous support! This project is now fully supported thanks to your partnership.

Jean-Claude and Joyce are team mates of Jonno and Heather and are also setting up power to their home. To support their project, click here >>>
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Project Code: MLcr105

Jonno and Heather now live in Malawi. While many aspects of the move have been encouraging, limited access to basic electricity at home has been quite a challenge. From the funds raised for this project in last year, Jonno and Heather set up the power system and this year they are adding more solar panels to improve the system’s reliability and effectiveness.

Reliable power is a seemingly simple thing, however it makes a huge difference for general well-being and the ability to function effectively on a day-to-day basis. Not only is it beneficial for completing ordinary daily tasks but the presence of consistent light also greatly increases security, decreasing the risk of break-ins.

Partnering with this project will enable solar panels to be added, further increasing Jonno and Heather’s power reliability, making daily tasks easier and their property more secure. 

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