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When the Jonno and Heather and their family moved to Africa in 2002, Heather assumed the responsibility for the education of Samuel, Caleb, Hannah, Micah and Josiah. Samuel, Caleb and Hannah are now in university and over the next three years, Micah and Josiah will also be completing their secondary education.

Their family has recently moved to Blantyre, Malawi where they are continuing to be home-schooled as this remains the most affordable and reasonable option for them. While there is an International Secondary school, the cost is $20,000 per student per year and not viable for their family. Jonno and Heather along with Micah and Josiah would like to continue with the home-schooling curriculum they have been using for the last 14 years as well as supplementing these classes with online science and maths courses. This provides continuity for Micah and Josiah in their education and provides the resources they need to complete secondary school while also being a cost-effective solution for education for the family.

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