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21/9/21: Thank you for support for this project. The team looks forward to being able to safely hold their annual retreats again and any funding received will go toward future retreats.
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Project Code: YWwh305

Living and working in Malawi and Mozambique brings many rich experiences doing life among the Yawo. However, part of genuine relationship with local communities leaves the team regularly exposed to difficult situations that can impact ministry.

Working in developing countries, among cultures and people groups foreign to one’s own adds a heightened level of pressure and life complexities for the families and individuals of the team. Isolation and loneliness can be a real issue but add to those dynamics the daily reality of life among the Yawo where extremely hard work and death are constant companions, a team retreat is a proven tool that better encourages and equips the team to be better placed in maintaining its well-being and longevity, as well as being a strong presence of hope and comfort to their communities.

This project is seeking to raise funds to cover the cost of the annual team retreat. 
Supporting this project supports the Yawo team be better equipped in tackling very real issues in their relative communities as well as provides personal tools for their own well-being for long-term intercultural ministry.

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