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Mozambique is in the top 25 of the world’s most illiterate populations. The government is endeavouring to improve this situation, working with local organisations with a program developed in the official Portuguese language. Among the Yawo district of Ngauma where our team is located, 95% of adults are illiterate and Portuguese is only spoken by very few, if any, rendering the current government initiatives ineffective in our area.  This project focuses of developing the literacy of Yawo adults in their heart language, however this will, in turn, mean they are better able to learn other languages.

The Global Interaction team in Mozambique, with the help of local partners and a consultant from another organisation, will adapt a Ciyawo adult literacy program from Malawi to reflect the Ciyawo used in Mozambique. The team hopes to complete this project in early 2020 and see adult literacy improve in Mozambique.

With your help, Yawo adults in Mozambique will be learn the foundation of literacy to better equip them in this rapidly developing world.  

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