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25/8/21 - There are currently 300 Audio Bibles on their way to the Yawo of Mozambique! Thank you! Because of your partnership we exceeded the target of 200 and were able to purchase a total of 300 Audio Bibles!  
This means that 300 Yawo families will now have access to the good news of Jesus in a dual Audio Bible, offering Portuguese and Ciyawo – the main languages of that region. Not only is it in their heart language, the Audio Bibles specifically mean that this oral cultural can access the Word of God in the format that most resonates with them. 
We are so grateful for your financial and prayer support during this project. As the Audio Bibles have been purchased, the project is no longer receiving donations and gift will be re-directed to the Oral Bible Translation project. Click here to find out more about MZwh415 >>
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Over the last 5 years in Lichinga and Massangulo in Mozambique we have seen the power that the Bible and Bible stories have in the lives of Yawo people.
There is a massive need and desire for the Word of God in Yawo communities. While most Yawo people are illiterate, or functionally illiterate, the Yawo culture is an oral one and therefore access to oral information is preferred. Even if people can read there is no access to written Bibles.
Our experiences with a small number of Audio Bibles is that they are treasured and have a lasting impact of the lives of the listeners. People have the capacity to hear, recall and even cross reference passages in much the same way someone might if they were studying a written Bible.
We are seeking to raise enough money to purchase 200 Audio Bibles with a Malawian Ciyawo translation to distribute through the communities we have contact with – we are excited to see what God will do when more people have access to His Word. If you would like to see what type of Audio Bibles we are aiming to buy, please visit

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