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I don’t need to tell you that we are living in challenging times! But I do want to tell you how in these unprecedented days God is continuing to transform lives across the world, like the amazing story of a Buddhist monk becoming a passionate follower of Jesus and now serving as a leader in his Ethnic Thai faith community.

I would like to ask you to give to our life-changing ministry today so we can continue to see Ethnic Thai men and women come to know and follow Jesus in ways that make sense to them.

Our intercultural workers Muana and Villy first met Mick in 2007 when he was a monk studying at a Buddhist university.  Following God’s prompting Muana invited Mick to attend a Bible study and in 2012 he started attending. Mick was actively seeking a sign to convince him Jesus was real.

Mick recalls, “A few months later during a Bible study I was reminded of a time in my youth when I heard a voice while watching the Jesus movie. I told my Buddhist friends of the voice but they convinced me it was my imagination and so I continued studying to become a monk and went to university. But through the Bible studies I realised it was the one true God that had spoken to me and I wanted to hear His voice again. I asked Muana and Villy to help me.”

With a strong understanding of the local culture, Muana and Villy were able to explain the  Good News of Jesus in a way that made sense to Mick.

Muana shares, “By 2017 Mick knew Jesus was real and that he needed to declare his allegiance to Christ through baptism, despite his family’s concerns. Since then, even through some big challenges, Mick has been unwavering in his faith. He openly shares his faith and has become a strong man of prayer. He is such an encouragement to us. It is a joy to see his life being transformed.”

And now, in 2020? Mick is one of the leaders of his emerging faith community. He is being built up to lead his own people in a country where only 1% of the population identify as followers of Jesus. He is committed to seeing others come to know Jesus in ways that make sense to them and he has even re-trained as a nurse because of his strong desire  to serve others.

Without the generous financial support of people like you, Muana and Villy and our workers across the globe, wouldn’t be able to play their part in God’s life-changing mission. 

Yes, in the midst of COVID-19 we face some big challenges, but we also see wonderful opportunities to join in God’s life-transforming mission. Your investment, for such a time as this, will make an eternal difference.

Can I ask you to give generously to our work so more people like Mick can experience the hope, peace and joy that only knowing Jesus can bring?

Serving Jesus Together
Scott Pilgrim

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