Dear friends, 

I’m excited about the way God is opening people’s hearts towards Jesus. In places where the Gospel is yet to take root. I want to tell you how your loyal support is empowering local believers in Malawi. 
Your intercultural workers have the heart of Jesus. They go to live among communities where most people don’t know a follower of Jesus. Like the Yawo of Malawi. They go to sit with local people. To share God’s love. And disciple them. Helping them reach their own people.

Intercultural workers Tim and Melanie recently told me about how God is working in Malawi. After years of sharing the Gospel and discipling believers. Now God’s Holy Spirit is leading local people to share God’s Word. In their own language. With their own people.

Melanie and Tim have known Doabu* for a couple of years now. Two years ago, they baptised him. Thanks to the partnership of people like you, they’ve been able to spend time discipling him.

It recently came to the point where Doabu was ready to lead a Bible Study. He was nervous to do this. Because God’s Word is important to him. So, the week before the study, he chose a passage of Scripture. From Ezekiel! Every night that week he read it. Praying that God would give him something to share.
And God did give Doabu something to share. Doabu sat  with his wife beside him. And 20 other Yawo believers and seekers listening to him! This is such a milestone. Doabu was sharing God’s Word. In his village. In his language. In his culture.

Tim told me, “I’d been feeding this group for so long. Now I was  being fed the Word of God. And in front of everyone, I told him  that I couldn’t have been prouder.”

This is the goal of your partnership with intercultural workers. This is the vision. God’s used your generosity and prayers to meet the vision. And as Tim says, “That’s what’s happening here in Malawi. Local believers rising up. Doing what they believe God has called them to do. Sharing the Kingdom in their culture.”

God has brought supporters like you, together with Tim and Melanie, to help raise up people like Doabu. Will you praise God with me?

Your loving support is crucial. Your gifts and prayers mean they are able to support and train local believers like Doabu.

Will you continue to pray, and give? So that other members of Doabu’s group can be trained to lead other studies?

God is at work all over the world. In every community God has placed our intercultural workers. In the Silk Road Area, Team Leader Eliza told me, “God is good. We can’t wait to see how the Holy Spirit will move more hearts in 2021.” And I can’t wait either!

Together in service to Jesus, and His call to go out into the harvest,

Grace and Peace,
Scott Pilgrim Executive Director

P.S Can you please pray for locals like Doabu as they help people understand Jesus?

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*For the protection of local believers and Global Interaction's ongoing ministry, Doabu is not his real name.