The Ethnic Thai of Thailand

Population: 52 million
Main Trade: Farming and fishing
Main Religion: Buddhism, influenced by traditional rituals
Key Challenges: Globalisation, urbanisation and influences from alternative spiritualities
Fact: Depending on which tone you use Khao (pronounced cow) can mean white, rice or the news.


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Living among the Ethnic Thai people

Ethnic Thai culture is steeped in the belief that the cycle of death and rebirth
continues until broken through enhanced personal wisdom. Buddhism is an
intrinsic part of Ethnic Thai culture with many believing to be Thai is to be
Buddhist. This makes it challenging for Ethnic Thai people to see how they
can follow Jesus without rejecting their culture and community.

God is at work among the Ethnic Thai and He is drawing people to Himself. Over
the past years, the team has built relationships within their community, begun
to share stories of Jesus and walked with people as they have chosen to follow
Him. This journey to faith is by the grace of God. Praise God that numerous faith
communities are now regularly meeting and local leaders are being equipped to
teach and lead their own people. These small faith communities are discovering
what it means to follow Jesus in a distinctively Thai way.

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