The H people of Central Asia

Population: 13 million
Main Trade: Agriculture, business and service industries
Main Religion: Islam
Key Challenges: Cultural barriers between the H people and the majority people group
Fact: The H people are known as excellent business people


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Living among the H people

The H people are naturally inquisitive and many are searching for meaning
to their lives. More than 95% are Muslim and 0.01% are known to follow
Jesus. Food, socialising and hospitality are important cultural activities for
H people. They are known to be entrepreneurial with many families running
businesses in the hospitality industry.

In recent years, the team’s primary involvement with H people has been
through teaching English, learning the local language at university and
contributing to a local agricultural project. They are investigating other
avenues for meaningful, long-term engagement with H people. There are
many opportunities and many people are spiritually searching. Among
Australian Baptists there is a vibrant alumni of workers who have sown
into ministry among H people over the past decades. We are thankful for
all who have previously served among this least reached people group,
those who have sown and are praying for those who will be called.

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