Population: 97 million
Main Trade: Agriculture and manufacturing
Main Religion: Folk religion, Buddhism and Confucianism
Key Challenges: Poverty and human trafficking
Fact: Traditionally, cuisine is based around five fundamental taste elements; spicy (metal), sour (wood), bitter (fire), salty (water) and sweet (earth).


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Living among the Indochinese people

“ We are building connections in the community through running weekly English classes and inviting local friends to dinner at our home. Pray that God’s Spirit will enable us to build trusting relationships here and that our friends will experience the love of God through us. Pray that they will put their faith in Jesus.”  — Ngoc, team member

The people of Indochina are polytheistic and follow Buddhist and Confucian ideas while continuing ancestral worship and joining in with Western celebrations like Christmas. They are well-known for their hospitality and the country is growing economically and in tourist popularity. As a developing country with a huge population, challenges such as education, healthcare, poverty and human trafficking remain present.

Global Interaction, in partnership with International Ministries, is working in Indochina through Mark and Ngoc. As Indochinese nationals Mark and Ngoc are excited to serve among their own people and are passionate about Indochinese people following Jesus in their own distinctive ways.

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