The K people of the Silk Road Area

Population: 18 million
Main Trade: Oil
Main Religion: Islam
Key Challenges: Transitioning into a globalised world
Fact: The K people are warm and hospitable and are tightly connected to their family and community


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Living among the K people

The K people are very community focused, often opening up their homes to offer
hospitality to family and friends and being involved in community events and
festivals. Being Muslim is also key to the K people’s cultural identity and there is
a general resistance towards western expressions of Christianity. There are very
few K people who are following Jesus in distinctly K ways.

With thanks to Australian Baptists sowing into projects, the English Teaching and
Community Centre among the K people is thriving. Having a population proficient
in English is a national developmental goal identified by the local government.
The centre has been embraced by the broader community and the demand for
lessons is great. Our team is also building relationships with marginalised people
in the community through new allied health opportunities. As our team teaches
students, connects with parents and supports families, relationships naturally
develop, conversations occur and seeds are being sown!

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