The Khmer of Cambodia

Population: 16 million
Main Trade: Subsistence farming, predominantly rice
Main Religion: Buddhism
Key Challenges: Conflict between generations as young people adopt a more western mindset
Fact: Many still choose traditional Khmer medicine for healing, whether this be based on spiritual or herbal treatments, despite increasing access to modern medicine


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Living among the Khmer people

The natural beauty of Cambodia lends itself to worshiping the Creator,and impels our team to share with the Khmer about our creator God. The Khmer are honest, friendly and inquisitive, with a natural desire to learn. They place a high value on family,with their family loyalty and connections influencing every area of life.

Our team is actively involved in many aspects of community life through volunteering at the local hospital and school, as well as running a thriving tennis program. Through this, the team is developing meaningful friendships with local people, staff, teachers, tennis coaches and players. Over time the team hopes to discover God’s leading into new relationships in new communities. Many team members have joined the team in the past year and are devoting much of their time to culture and language lessons with a local language nurturer.

Their growing language skills and cultural understanding are essential as they build relationships with Khmer people and become increasingly involved in community life.

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