The Khmer of Cambodia

Population: 16 million
Main Trade: Subsistence farming, predominantly rice
Main Religion: Buddhism
Key Challenges: Conflict between generations as young people adopt a more western mindset
Fact: Many still choose traditional Khmer medicine for healing, whether this be based on spiritual or herbal treatments, despite increasing access to modern medicine


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Living among the Khmer people

“The Khmer love to be together, sharing in the many aspects of their life, work, culture and faith – so much so, that at times it can be difficult o tell one from another! With our team growing in relationships with Khmer people daily, pray that we would live here both humbly and effectively, as a foretaste of the Kingdom of God. Thank you for your faithful partnership.”  — Luke, Team Leader

There are over 16 million Khmer people and half are under the age of 25. They align strongly as Buddhist with animistic influences and less than 2% of the population profess to follow Christ. They live with a constant tension of maintaining traditional responsibilities to their parents along with being influenced by a rising Western influence.

The intercultural team lives in the North West region of Cambodia among communities struggling with poor health, low literacy rates and high unemployment. The team is focused on building relationships and identifying the needs and opportunities for ministry in this region and partnering with God to bring wholistic transformation to Khmer people.

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