Milard and Joyce were both born in Lebonan before their families moved to Australia. In 2002, they returned to Lebanon to serve long-term. While a significant proportion of the population identifies as Christian, many people are disilussioned with the traditional church and desire a more personal relationship with Jesus.
Milard and Joyce began their ministry by building relationships and leading small groups which have formed the foundation for the thriving church they now lead. Milard is a natural evangelist and the church is activily reaching out to their community.
New people are being invited in to explore Jesus’ message and many are choosing to follow Him and be baptised.
“ In the last eight years we planted a church which started with ten adults and has grown to over 150 people. What a privilege the Lord has given us to see so many receive Christ, be transformed and live to make Christ known. We are very thankful to everyone who is partnering with us.”  — Milard

The Team