Lebanon sits between the Mediterranean and Arab regions and for this reason is culturally rich in diversity. The majority of the people are Arabic speaking Muslims but there are significant numbers of Catholic and Greek Orthodox. Before the civil war in 1975 the country was known for its financial prosperity and was a popular tourist destination. The Lebanese people have been affected by decades of internal conflict and continue to face challenges due to unrest in the Middle East. 

Our response

Milard and Joyce run large evangelistic outreach events to share the message of Christ. One focuses on youth and young adults and the other reaches young families in their community.
They have established a new church in their community which has grown very fast from three families to over 100 people. Milard is also involved in personal evangelism, establishing home groups and mentoring pastors and leaders. Joyce coordinates the Sunday school, helps with the women’s ministry in their church and assists in pastoral care. 

The Team