In 1961 a Christian hospital, school, hostel and evangelistic work were established in Sangklaburi to reach the local, mainly Pwo Karen, people. Jan began her ministry
as a nurse at the hospital in 1977 where she got to know another staff member, Jit. Following their marriage and then the birth of Anna, they came to Australia in 1994
for theological studies. On their return to Thailand in 1998, Jit and Jan became more involved with the evangelistic outreach and work of the local churches.

Now Jit and Jan continue to support the local church as well as work with Lanternlight Ministries, bringing practical support and the hope of Jesus to those with disabilities in the community. They also teach in the local Bible school as well as support the ministries of the Kwai River Christian Hospital, United Christian School, the hostel and Gethsemane Bible School.

The Team