The Need

Vietnam has a population of 96 million and is growing economically and in tourist popularity. Religion and politics are separated and most Vietnamese are polytheistic. They follow Buddhist and Confucian ideas, while continuing ancestral worship and joining in with Western celebrations like Christmas. 

The Vietnamese people are well-known for their hospitality and traditional culture. However, it is still a developing country with a huge population. This poses great challenges such as improving education, providing healthcare, eliminating poverty and human trafficking.


At the completion of their candidacy, Global Interaction will have a presence in Vietnam through Mark and Ngoc. Mark and Ngoc have previously spent time working in Vietnam with Hoa, a former Global Interaction worker, at the Company of Grace. As a local followers of Jesus, Mark and Ngoc love to see other Vietnamese people form a genuine relationship with Jesus. In Vietnam, Global Intereaction will work in partnership with International Ministries.

The Team